What are the students doing?

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  • Students begin class with warm-up stretches and exercises. Followed with laps around the gym for cardio. 
  • September students will begin with soccer skills and drills, soccer relays and number soccer.
  • October students will begin with football skills and drills, football relays and a simple football game.

What are the students doing?

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What will students be doing?

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Important Physical Education Infromation

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  Students need to wear safe tie or velcro sneakers.  Students should be wearing Corpus Christi gym uniforms. Until the weather is cooler, it is best to wear the gym shorts. For your child's safety all jewelry including earrings should be removed at home. This will prevent injuries and broken or lost jewelry. 
     If your child is unable to participate in physical ed. class please send in a note from either yourself or the doctor. If a doctor's note removes them from gym class it must be a doctor's note returning them to gym class. Thank you for your cooperation.

December 2017

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Students begin class with warm-up exercises and stretches, followed by laps around the gym for cardio. 

Students will be competing in the school Elks Club Basketball Foul Shot Contest.  The winners from each age group will go on to represent our school.  Once they finish for the period they may play Knock-out, Around the World, or a basketball game.

4A Gym Days

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4A has gym on Friday afternoons.

When the school has first Friday half day dismissal, 4A has gym with 4B on Wednesday afternoons.

Gym uniform:  Summer:  C.C.S. shorts, C.C.S. t-shirt, sneakers
                        Winter:     C.C.S. sweats, C.C.S. t-shirt, C.C.S. sweatshirt (optional), sneakers

Jewelry:  Please make sure that all jewelry is removed at home, unless children are able to remove it themselves. 

Spirit Day:  If it is a spirit day, please make sure students are wearing sneakers.  This is for the children's safety.  Thank you.

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